keyboard + mouse KM switching + USB 2.0 Smart Data Link Transfer Cable 1.2m

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Item Number: 22003


ProductDescription: keyboard + mouse KM switching + USB 2.0 Smart Data LinkTransfer Cable 1.2m


shentek releases USB2.0 KM smart data link cable. What the cablecan do?
1 - KM - K is keyboard, M is mouse, it is same as KVM but without V(VGA). Whatcan KM do? when you use 22003 to link from A to B PC or Laptop. We can use APC's keyboard and mouse to B PC. We just need to connect 22003 between A and BPC.
2 - how to use KM switching between two PC or Laptop? it has few ways -
a - use mouse roll over monitor, mouse(mouse arrow) will from PC A monitor jumpto PC B monitor, now you can use PC A mouse(mouse arrow) to work PC B,
b - duble click mouse wheel, when mouse at PC A, and duble click mousewheel, mouse(mouse arrow) will jump from PC A to PC B
c - you can set up hot key - you can set up your own hot key, after you clickhot key, PC A mouse(mouse arrow) will jump to PC B.
3 - after mouse(mouse arrow) jump to PC B, we can use open files, applications,do any works from PC A mouse. Open Word file, now we can use PC A keyboard andtype PC B word file.
Those are KM switching function, of course, we can use PC B to control PC A,too. We can change it anytime.

How to do with USB2.0 Smart Data Link Transfer? for most of data link cable, it has one GUI, oneside is PC A files other side is PC B files(the GUI likes FTP). When copayfile, we have to use the GUI and copy from PC A to PC B by using copy and pass.
with 22003, it uses other way for copy file
1 - roll over mouse from PC A to PC B, and drag file from PC B and move to PC A- now it has done the file capy from PC B to A.
2 - other way is - file - right click mosue then choice copy, move mouse backto PC A and pass.
3 - it has other way using hot key - click file, and Ctrl + C(copy hot key),then move mouse back to PC A, and Ctrl + V(pass hot key)

With this cable it iseasy for us to copy file from PC A to B, also easy for us to use mouse andkeyboard between two PC.

Does it needs driver?yes, it needs, but the driver is embedded inside product, after you connect toPC it will instill Auto. That is also easy for you to take out with your Laptopwithout any CD driver.

which OS supports -now it supports Win XP, 2008, Vista, and Win 7for 32 and 64bit

Can use 22003 betweendifferent OS? Yes, it Can
we can use
XP(connect with KM Dongle side) to XP(USB connector)
XP(connect with KM Dongle side) to Vista(USB connector)
XP(connect with KM Dongle side) to Win 7(USB connector)
Vista(connect with KM Dongle side) to Win 7(USB connector)
Win 7(connect with KM Dongle side) to Win 7(USB connector)
Please make sure KM Dongle side needs to connect with low version of OS


Features andBenefit

Keyboard and Mouse Switch without anyextra KVM kit
Switch Keyboard and Mouse using USB connection between your Computer 1 andComputer 2
Supports USB2.0(up to 480Mbps) Data Transfer Link Cable
Supports Windows 7, Vista, XP
No Driver DC inquiry
Copy file for both side of Computer only Drag and Dro



Bus: USB2.0


Data transfer rate: 1.5/12/480Mbps

Driver Support

Windows: XP, Vista,Win 7(32 and 64bit)

Product Production

Production: Made in Taiwan

Product Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Package Content

keyboard+ mouse KM switching + USB 2.0 Smart Data Link Transfer Cable 1.2m

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Warranty Period: 1 Year

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