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5VPower eSATAp to eSATA   Mini USB   1.5mm DC Jack Cable 1m
Item Number: 22002 Product Description: 5VPower eSATAp to eSATA + Mini USB + 1.5mm DC Jack Cable 1m Introduction Shentek products 5V Power Over eSATAp to eSATA + Mini USB B + 1.5mm DC Jack Cable. It allows you to connect your 2.5” eSATA Enclosure or 2.5” USB2.0
It sells with a kit - PCI-e Card   HDD Docking Station
1 port 5V/12V Power Over eSATA II/USB2.0 Card Adapter with 5V/12V Power Over eSATA to 22pin SATA HDD Docking Station Cradle
1 port 5v eSATAp USB ExpressCard
Item Number: 33012 Product Description: 1 port Power eSATAp / USB2.0(Power Over eSATA, eSATA/USB) 34mm ExpressCard supports Power 5V output. Introduction shentek products Expresscard supports 1 port 5V Power Over eSATAp II/USB2.0 interface for your Laptop sy

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SHENTEK- Connect Perfectly in IT Peripherals

SHENTEK corporation addresses the development, production and manufacturing of the IT peripheral adapters, Converter, Repeater, Extender, HUB, Enclosure, and add-on card with all kind interface -
Serial RS232 / 422/485, TTL
Power I/O Serial RS 232,
Embedded Addon Card – Mini PCIe / M.2
Isolation/Surge protection,
10/100/1000/10G LAN/HUB/Switch
Power Over Ethernet/PoE/PSE/PD
Parallel, Multi I / O,
HDMI/ Displayport/VGA/DVI,
Serial ATA (SATA, SATAe, eSATA, SATA Express, M.2, NGFF, mSATA, SSD),
Power Over eSATA/USB – eSATAp, eSATA USB Hybrid Port(EUHP)

SHENTEK has its own technology to design the product by solidly integrating the hardware, software and firmware. All the IT peripheral adapters or add-on cards are made in Taiwan with high-performance, high reliability and great compatibility. It not only meets the demands of the target market, but also allows our customers to keep the competitiveness. SHENTEK also has its own production facilities; thus, the product quality and delivery time can be fully controlled and on-time; the price of solution is also cost effective. SHENTEK provides the high quality IT peripherals over 20 countries worldwide. The selling volume does not only approve the quality of SHENTEK’s products but also bring the growth of customers’ revenues.


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RS232 ExpressCard
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